Computer Vision APIs for your needs

ML models for images and videos

Create intelligent application with our customizable technology

Content moderation

NSFW detection for images and videos

Auto tagging

Assign relevant tags to images and videos

Semantic Search

Vectorization for building powerful Computer Vision systems

Mask detection

Specialized ML models for mask detection and social distance measurement

Models hosting

Advanced infrastructure for inference of your own models

Image classification

ML models for image classification for specific usecases

Image deduplication

Detect duplicates and near-duplicates in set of images

Custom models

ML models for image and video processign upon request

  • Easy to implement APIs
  • Performant and Scalable
  • Monitor every request
  • Data privacy
  • Cloud or On-Premise
  • Fully customizable

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frequently asked questions

Visuals API prioritizes data privacy. Customers have the option to opt-out of data sharing for model training, ensuring their data remains private and secure.

Integration is straightforward with well-documented APIs. You can seamlessly blend Visuals API with your existing system and start moderating content swiftly.

Yes, Visuals API provides models for on-premise inference to comply with organizations’ internal policies and secure data handling requirements.

Getting started is easy! Contact our team for a personalized consultation, and we’ll guide you through the integration process tailored to your needs.

Yes, Visuals API is designed for scalability to handle high volumes of content efficiently, ensuring reliable performance at all times.

With a robust infrastructure and scalable solutions, Visuals API ensures consistent high performance, even during periods of high traffic.

Yes, Visuals API is adept at working with a wide range of visual content including both images and videos, ensuring a comprehensive solution.