Automatic Face Tagging & Detection with our APIs

Enhance security and user experience with our Face Recognition API. Our advanced technology accurately identifies faces, offering a reliable tool for various applications, from enhancing safety measures to personalizing user interactions. A smarter, safer digital environment is just an API call away with our face recognition solutions.

Precise identification: Recognize faces reliably
Flexible settings: Face Recognition with your requirements
Easy setup: Get our API working with your system fast
Face Analysis API

Ensuring every detail is recognized

Enhance your platform’s security and user experience with Visuals API’s Face Recognition technology. Our advanced systems meticulously analyze each image, ensuring accurate face detection and alignment with your platform’s specific requirements. Trust in our technology to maintain the integrity and safety of your digital environment.

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Customizable to your industry needs

Adaptable to your use-cases

  • Adaptable face recognition settings

  • Customizable face recognition modules

  • Personalized face recognition algorithms

Automated Facial recognition in images

We recognize that different sectors have unique requirements for face recognition in images. Our API is designed to be flexible, allowing customization to meet your specific needs. For instance, in security-focused industries, precise identification is crucial, while in social media, friendlier, more general recognition may be preferred. Our face recognition technology adapts to various scenarios, demonstrating its versatility across different industries. You can tailor our system to fit your industry’s specific context, ensuring optimal performance and relevance in facial recognition applications.

frequently asked questions

Visuals API’s Face Recognition technology can accurately identify and analyze faces in images for various applications. This includes recognizing individual facial features, detecting emotions, verifying identities, and even assessing demographic information like age and gender. Our technology is versatile, catering to needs across different sectors such as security, marketing, social media, and more, providing precise and reliable facial analysis in both images and videos.

Integration is straightforward with well-documented APIs. You can seamlessly blend Visuals API with your existing system and start moderating content swiftly.

Yes, definitely! Visuals API provides highly customizable face recognition solutions to match your particular industry and platform requirements. Whether you need advanced identity verification, emotion detection, or demographic analysis, our API can be adjusted to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and relevance in your specific context.

Visuals API utilizes cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence models that are meticulously calibrated for high precision in face recognition. These advanced models are capable of accurately identifying and analyzing faces in a variety of contexts and lighting conditions. This ensures reliable and precise recognition, making our face recognition technology a dependable solution for a wide range of applications, from security to personalized user experiences.

Yes, Visuals API is designed for scalability to handle high volumes of content efficiently, ensuring reliable performance at all times.

Computer Vision API trusted for handling millions of images

Image & Video processing made easy

Customization is key

Love the customization and modularity of the endpoints in Visuals API. Tailoring the moderation settings to our specific needs has never been easier.

Alicia Summers

Project Manager

Performance Unmatched

The performance of Visuals API in moderating vast amounts of visual content swiftly is truly unparalleled. A game-changer for our DAM platform’s user experience.

Review from Leonard Brooks

Leonard Brooks


Reliable and Scalable

The scalability and reliability delivered have been instrumental in handling our growing user base. It’s a solid foundation for our moderation needs.

Maria Nguyen

Operations Manager

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