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Discovering similar images goes beyond basic hash methods. Visuals API uses smart technology to find images that look alike, even if they’re not exactly the same. We employ advanced techniques, including neural networks, to create unique ‘fingerprints’ for images. These fingerprints allow us to compare images effectively, ensuring you catch near-duplicates effortlessly. Simplify your deduplication process with Visuals API – making image management a breeze.

Effortless deduplication: Identify and eliminate near-duplicates
Tailored settings: Customize the parameters to align with your needs
Easy setup: Get our API working with your system fast
Image deduplication API

Comparing every pixel

Discover enhanced media organization with Visuals API. Our sophisticated deduplication models work tirelessly to analyze image embeddings, ensuring each image is unique within your collections, thereby optimizing the efficiency and manageability of your platform.

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Customizable to your industry needs

Adaptable to your use-cases

  • Adaptive deduplication filters

  • Modular similarity assessment
  • Tailored near-duplicate detection

Automated deduplication of images

We understand that different media collections have distinct requirements for image uniqueness and similarity. That’s why our API enables you to choose models that align with your specific needs, ensuring only relevant near-duplicates are identified. For instance, a digital art archive may have a different tolerance for similarity compared to a retail product image database.

Leveraging the power of neural network-generated embeddings, our deduplication process transcends traditional SHA1 hash comparisons, which only catch exact duplicates. Our method unveils near-duplicates and similar images, a vital capability for diverse domains like digital marketing, where variant images of a product may exist, or in historical archives, where slightly different versions of photo may hold significant value.

The images below showcase various configurations, demonstrating our system’s adaptability across use cases. Your deduplication settings can be tailored to match your industry’s standards seamlessly, aiding in maintaining a streamlined and organized media collection.

Example of near duplicate

Example of near duplicated image

frequently asked questions

Visuals API can moderate various types of content including nudity, violence, weapons, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, drugs, offensive symbols, and more, in both images and videos.

Integration is straightforward with well-documented APIs. You can seamlessly blend Visuals API with your existing system and start moderating content swiftly.

Absolutely! Visuals API offers customizable deduplication models to align with your specific industry and platform requirements.

Visuals API employs advanced neural network models fine-tuned for high accuracy in detecting near-duplicates and similar images in your media collections.

Yes, Visuals API is designed for scalability to handle high volumes of content efficiently, ensuring reliable performance at all times.

Computer Vision API trusted for handling millions of images

Image & Video processing made easy

Customization is key

Love the customization and modularity of the endpoints in Visuals API. Tailoring the moderation settings to our specific needs has never been easier.

Alicia Summers

Project Manager

Performance Unmatched

The performance of Visuals API in moderating vast amounts of visual content swiftly is truly unparalleled. A game-changer for our DAM platform’s user experience.

Review from Leonard Brooks

Leonard Brooks


Reliable and Scalable

The scalability and reliability delivered have been instrumental in handling our growing user base. It’s a solid foundation for our moderation needs.

Maria Nguyen

Operations Manager

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