Automatic Mask detection and Social distance calculation

Boost safety and compliance with our Mask Detection and Social Distance API. Our innovative technology precisely detects masks and gauges social distancing, providing essential tools for various settings, from ensuring public health protocols to optimizing space management. A more health-conscious and secure environment is easily achievable with our mask and distance measurement solutions.

Precise identification: Recognize masks reliably
Flexible settings: Social distance calculations with your requirements
Easy setup: Get our API working with your system fast
mask detection

Ensuring every mask is detected and every distance is measured

Elevate your platform’s safety and user interaction with Visuals API’s Mask Detection and Social Distance technology. Our sophisticated systems precisely assess each image, ensuring accurate mask detection and social distance evaluation tailored to your platform’s unique needs. Rely on our technology for maintaining health standards and secure spacing in your digital space.

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Customizable to your industry needs

Adaptable to your use-cases

  • Adaptable mask detection settings
  • Customizable social distance measures
  • Personalized mask classification algorithms

Automated Mask detection in images and videos

We understand that diverse sectors have distinct needs for mask detection and social distance measurement in images and videos. Our API is crafted for adaptability, enabling custom configurations to suit your particular requirements. For example, in public health-oriented industries, accurate mask detection is vital, while in retail or event spaces, precise social distancing measures are essential. Our mask detection and social distance technology is versatile across various settings, showing its flexibility for different industry applications. You can adjust our system to match your industry’s unique circumstances, guaranteeing superior efficacy and applicability in mask and distance monitoring scenarios.

frequently asked questions

Visuals API’s Mask Detection and Social Distance technology excels in identifying masks and measuring distances between individuals in images and videos for a range of applications. This includes detecting whether individuals are wearing masks correctly, assessing the spacing between people in crowded areas, and ensuring adherence to public health guidelines. Our technology is adaptable, serving various sectors such as public safety, retail, event management, and transportation, delivering accurate and dependable mask detection and social distancing analysis in both still and moving visuals.

Integration is straightforward with well-documented APIs. You can seamlessly blend Visuals API with your existing system and start moderating content swiftly.

Absolutely! Visuals API offers highly adaptable mask detection and social distance solutions to align with your unique industry and platform requirements. Whether you require precise mask usage monitoring, detailed social distancing analysis, or a combination of both, our API can be configured to suit your particular needs, guaranteeing efficient performance and relevance in your specific operational context.

Visuals API employs state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that are finely tuned for exceptional accuracy in mask detection and social distance measurement. These sophisticated algorithms are adept at accurately identifying mask usage and calculating distances between individuals in diverse settings and varying lighting conditions. This guarantees reliable and precise detection and measurement, making our mask detection and social distance technology a trusted tool for numerous applications, from public health compliance to spatial management in various environments.

Yes, Visuals API is designed for scalability to handle high volumes of content efficiently, ensuring reliable performance at all times.

Computer Vision API trusted for handling millions of images

Image & Video processing made easy

Customization is key

Love the customization and modularity of the endpoints in Visuals API. Tailoring the moderation settings to our specific needs has never been easier.

Alicia Summers

Project Manager

Performance Unmatched

The performance of Visuals API in moderating vast amounts of visual content swiftly is truly unparalleled. A game-changer for our DAM platform’s user experience.

Review from Leonard Brooks

Leonard Brooks


Reliable and Scalable

The scalability and reliability delivered have been instrumental in handling our growing user base. It’s a solid foundation for our moderation needs.

Maria Nguyen

Operations Manager

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